Creating Communities of Choice Requires Scholarly Research and Development

International outreach offers a wealth of culture, impoverishment discussion, government awareness, public health debates, educational needs, environmental sensitivity, social acceptance, and economic diversity.  Throughout our world the quest to seek acceptable communities presents an invaluable opportunity to understand our neighbors.  How important is it? Challenging our future leadership to become a “Global Scholar” is essential in our rapidly developing and growing global society.

Since 2007, CTA has been actively working to develop international relationships to engage youth throughout the world.  Preparing young leadership for 21st century leadership is an essential component of our non-profit.  Their success is our honor and their leadership is needed now!

We focus on educating our future leaders to develop their inner curiosity of themselves, while engaging diverse cultures in daring, encouraging and intentionally multi-educational environments.  The end result is the development of the “Global Scholar” who embraces, rejects, defends, inquires, suggests, demands, and changes the world to be better than its predecessors.