Community Technical Assistance, Inc. (CTA) was founded in 2002 to provide technical assistance on a national and international level for the empowerment of citizens to improve their quality of life, and become leaders of their respective communities. CTA engages many different communities from rural to urban that have experienced a loss of social capital, human resources, economic power, and are redefining their cultural identity.   The organization’s successful experience with working with a diverse population allows CTA to create a platform and present opportunities required to tackle many challenges and issues facing communities of present and future.  The organization actively works with citizens to develop and implement real solutions as strategies for short term impact and long term sustainment of people and their respective community.

MISSION statement

Community Technical Assistance, Inc. (CTA) has a mission to provide technical assistance to low-to-moderate income communities in order for youth, residents, focus groups, and organizations to transform their community.