Date: 09-05-2013

Our study targets Urbanized Areas (UAs) of 50,000 or more people as designated by the 2010 US Census Bureau.  The City of East Orange was determined to serve as our primary area of focus for our study for the following:

1.) 2010 population of 64,484,
2)  Located within Essex County a densely populated metropolitan urban core
3.) An estimated 3.9 square mile geographical radius,
4.) A density of 16,534 persons per square mile, and
5.) Easy access for our student interns to conduct field investigation

These students were also considered “game changers” among their peers and have documented success illustrating their relentless competitive work ethic.

The students were presented with the challenge to develop critical thinking, problem solving and communicate skills as a tool to impact the lives of citizens.  The results of our study are intended to solicit further discussions among key decision makers, stakeholders, major authorities and agencies to aid in the resolutions needed to save the lives of many minority residents in Urbanized Areas.

The research and findings presented are intended to serve as foundation for more in-depth research and to outline the challenges presented that address our thesis statement, “Why Minorities are Dying from Eating Unhealthy in Urban Cores.”

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