Date: 02-01-2004

Project Information:
Year: 2004
Target Population: 4 to 5 graders
Total # of Students: 6
Project Duration: Summer – 12 Weeks
Project Alignment: NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS)
Project Location: East Orange, New Jersey

Project Description:
CTA provided technical training assistance to urban youth in 4th and 5th grades as part of their 12 week transformation of two City own vacant parcels into their community garden. The students engaged in community service that included small group instruction to foster a unique learning approach.  The project included hands-on learning for students and provided technical support for the youth to construct a base map, using city tax parcels, establish their study area, including the surrounding tax parcels, designing their streetscape at Eaton Place known as the Right-of-Way, and addressing the impacting areas of the site.

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Download our student’s completed work here, “Community Youth Learning Project” .PDF File