Breaking Old Habits in a 21st Century
Living Environment

Communities are the heart of our American Society.  They encompass poor, middle and upper class families with a diverse moral and social value system.  Unlike most countries, American communities thrive on freedom, equality, and justice. Why Change? Our poorer rural, suburban, and urban communities have witnessed unprecedented amounts of unemployment, homelessness, foreclosed homes, middle and high income flight, lack of public health, under-performing education systems, depletion of leadership, and silence of religious institutions. Yet, the residents within poor neighborhoods continue to fight to overcome these remarkable obstacles.

Since 2002, Community Technical Assistance, Inc. (CTA) has been engaged in research and first hand experience in search of the most innovative solutions and alternatives needed to impact a new 21st Century society that is much different than the 20th Century communities.

We focus on citizens and their empowerment to create their living communities, improve their quality of life and become leaders in their community of choice.  For the most part, many of our solutions have sought long-term partnerships of local, state, federal governmental agencies, community agencies, and citizens to ensure sustainment. Our poor communities demand a 21st Century approach to impact change that will speak a different language, encompass environmental alternatives,  share in the rebuilding of the  economic structure, solve serious healthy conditions, and give constructive access to integrated social media.