Ensuring All Learners, Whether Poor or Low Income, Break Through the Digital Divide

Access to quality technology has become an essential component to achieve success. Although the actual numbers are reported to have decreased, when it comes to our youth and their access to computer technology, 1 out of every 5 low-to-moderate income households has a computer but doesn’t have access to the internet/web. Among these instances, there is an absence of quality software, and the data show little improvement of computer technology within impoverished school systems.   Who cares?  Technology whether usage via cell phones or computer technology is an integral part of society.

Since 2002, CTA has integrated computer technology within our curriculum to encourage smart learners in the 21st century world of technology.  Our technology includes forward-thinking software that is used to develop and foster learners of different skill levels to gain success.

Our focus is on 21st century learners that are seeking to engage technology as a learning tool to advance best practices and provide intelligent solutions in a smart laboratory environment.